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Silmesse   In starlight
Sinome háran i marya silmesse;
Ilmello sílar tinwi lómesse;
Cénanten, i telpeva hendi,
ve cennente i cuivie Quendi.
Alasse antar i menelmíri,
laitan mi anvanye líri.
Oiale ná i silme vinya;
tíranyes sí vi Quende minya,
vi minya Cuiviéneno
i cenne cala eleno.
  Here I am sitting in the pale moonlight;
from Ilmen sparks are shining in [the] night;
They see me, the silvery eyes,
as they saw the wakening Elves.
Joy the heavenly jewels give [me],
I praise [them] in the fairest songs.
Forever is the moonlight new;
I watch them now as the first Elf [did]
as the first [one] of Cuiviénen
who saw [the] light of a star.

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